FARO Associates is a diverse entity led by minority ownership that is committed to helping close the wealth gap in the U.S. and supporting inclusiveness in everything they do. The firm’s executive team has worked for the nation’s largest financial institutions, served in national leadership roles and also named among top 100 national diverse executive leaders as a result of their economic impact. With a strong focus on their technological and delivery capabilities coupled with their expertise in designing culturally-relevant financial education, they have effectively engaged individuals and enabled them to make more informed financial decisions for themselves and future generations.

FARO Associates provides culturally-relevant financial education via technology empowering individuals to better close the wealth gap.


Olga Camargo

CEO, Co-Founder FARO Associates and Co-Founder FARO FinTech App

Juan Carlos Avila

President, Co-Founder FARO Associates and Co-Founder, FARO FinTech App

Patricia Mota

Co-Founder, FARO FinTech App